Page Rule redirects not working on moblie site

Hello I am trying to reach out to the community to see if anyone can help. I use page rule for link redirects on my ecom site. The page rules work great on desktop but not any mobile devices. Has anyone experienced this issue and been able to resolve it?

Page Rules don’t distinguish between desktop or mobile if they use the same URL…unless you’ve enabled a Mobile Redirect at the bottom of the Speed → Optimization page.

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Thanks for the quick response… Unfortunately my mobile site appends /m/ at the end, which is what I believe is the problem so I think I need to add the mobile redirect for that but I can’t figure out how to create the subdomain in DNS which I believe will fix the issue with mobile redirect

/m/ isn’t a subdomain. You may just need a second rule to cover the mobile subdirectory.

Can you post a screenshot of the rule you’re trying to achieve?

Thats exactly what the issue was thank you I just need to create the same page rules for the mobile forwarding. Sometime you just someone to jumpstart your brain back up. i appreciate the help.

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