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Good morning guys! I’m new to cloudflare and I’m a little lost even with the help of the documentation.

I have a domain ( runnning a website on AWS with a LoadBalancer and I’m trying to use a PageRule to redirect this domain without the www ( to the main domain (, I created the PageRule and saw that it wasn’t working, so I went to look at the documentation and saw that you need to have a DNS Record in the Orange Cloud (Proxie), but I saw some examples using dummy ip ( with “@” and “www” but I didn’t find any explanation that would make me understand if I need to leave this dummy ip as a DNS Record, if I need to put my main domain or any other, or how I should configure this DNS Record.

Ps: I already have a DNS Record with my Load Balancer DNS in orange cloud.

Given the site is on AWS and (it appears) you are only using Cloudflare for DNS management then this redirection is best done on AWS.

Perhaps this might help

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