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We are in the process of redeveloping a site, and I needed to put a maintenance page up on a different server. Everything is good, except I would like to redirect all requests to the root page. I would like to do this using a page rule, however when I set up the following, I start getting a “TOO MANY REQUESTS” error.

I can see what is happening, however I am not sure if I can accomlish what I want using a page rule.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

That’s definitely a loop. The * at the end will match anything at that hostname, including no path.

I’d try a Transform Rule instead. Lemme try to cobble something together. This should strip off the path:

The catch is that your Maintenance page can’t use any other resources at that hostname. No CSS files, JS, Images. Because those use paths and files.

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@sdayman This worked like a charm. Yes I have to change the pathing on the two images on that page, but that was no problem. Thank you!

Also, maybe just as important, you made me realize that Cloudflare has a dark mode.

Thanks again,

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