Page rule redirect to https and www


I would like to create a page rule that takes all users to the https://www part of my site.

I see that Cloudflare handles this the fastest, however if I just set up a page rule for

that would NOT cover somebody visiting http:// right?

I believe it takes my .htaccess setting to redirect them.

How should I set up a rule so that:


all go straight to*

in the fasters way possible?

Hope someone can help!


This should take care of all requests going to your naked domain and redirect them to its www version


It would not cover HTTP requests to www but that can be enforced with the Always-use-HTTPS setting.


I believe I have set it up correctly now with your above setting as well as an always https rule:

The second rule should not be necessary as you can set that zone-wide under “Crypto”.

I don’t understand what you mean… Could you explain what I need to do? Thanks!

Try removing that second page rule, then head to the “Crypto” tab and turn on “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” there. A page rule is not needed for this feature.

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Thanks Judge! :smiley:

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