Page rule redirect throws 'Error 526 Invalid SSL Certificate'

I’m having yet another issue with the Forwarding URL Page rule. Please see the attached image:

When you visit the url, Cloudflare throws a 526 error. I tried relaxing the SSL/TSL mode but that hasn’t helped. A records are pointing to a dummy IP. I’m guessing the origin server in this case would be the new domain, which has a valid SSL certificate. Any help would be much appreciated.

What are the nameservers displayed on the DNS tab of your dashboard?

The nameservers the Internet sees are:

The destination URL has no involvement here.


Hi @michael , thanks, the nameservers are the same.

I should have seen this earlier, but you previously had a WPEngine integration on this domain.

Can you have WPE remove your hostnames from their Cloudflare account? This will interfere with your settings.


Hi @michael , thanks, is there any other workaround for this issue as I don’t have access to the previous hosting account?

In the first instance you should open a ticket with WPEngine asking them to remove their configuration for your domain.

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Thank you very much @michael , the issue is fixed now, got wpe to remove the domain completely from their records :smile:

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