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Is it possible to set up a page rule redirect from a .app domain to a one? I’ll need to first add them to CF, point the CF’s nameservers to GoDaddy (where these domains are currently registered and managed under), and then set up the page redirect rule (301).

GoDaddy does not allow for 301 forwarding on .app domains, so I was wondering if CF has any similar limitations.

Not sure why Godaddy would have that limitation.

On Cloudflare, best to use a redirect rule as page rules will be deprecated at some time.

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I did set up a page rule redirect from* to$1 as described in the docs but I’m now getting a 522 error when visiting the .app domain. Note that the .app domain does not point to any server, just an A records pointing to a random IP and a www subdomain CNAME redirect. It should be redirecting before resolving the A record but it’s not.

What are the domains?

they are: and

The apex domain is redirecting ok (although don’t use a “random” A record, use a dummy value of A or AAAA 100:: so that if your redirect stops or breaks, then you don’t end up sending traffic somewhere).

Your www has a circular redirect.

Check your SSL/TLS is set to “Full (strict)” here…
(ensure that is set for both domains for the correct security of your site users).

Make sure the CNAME points to or change to a dummy A/AAAA record as above.

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