Page Rule - possible having duplicate one, not sure if it actually catches both scenarios

I wonder would a Page Rule like*/amp/ also catch and work with the selected options on the*/amp/?

Currently having both of them due to uncertainty.

As far as on the domain, primarly is installed WordPress with AMP URLs being configured, while there is also some other app separated from WordPress working on a sub-directory but also having the AMP URLs for itself.

If that would “catch” both of the scenarios, that way I could use only one Page Rule for both - not having the need to use two of them (almost to be duplicated due to it).


I don’t see why not. It will match anything that begins with your hostname, and ends with /amp/

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True. Just tested and working as supposed to.

I see I still have some old Page rules applied as they were configured in the beginning, while now making some “clarity” in them :wink:

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