Page rule not working

I have URL set up to forward to but it won’t work. I’ve tried various combinations of www in various places and nothing forwards. This site is working if you put the port number on the URL, but the forwarding is not working. Oddly it did for a short while last night.

9000 is not one of the ports supported by Cloudflare, so that shouldnt work in the first place.

And in fact, it does not

Oh, wow. I didn’t realize it was port specific that way and I can’t use Cloudflare with play framework default. I am trying to run that now on port 8080 like it was tomcat and see if i can get it to forward.

See the following article for what ports are supported. You may need to use one of the HTTPS ports (with nginx or your server/framework set up to serve HTTPS) if you want a secure connection:

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