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Why isn’t this Page Rule working?

Even with it’s own DNS record it doesn’t work.

The PR in and by itself should work. Check your other Page Rules as well as any Redirect Rules that may apply to the same path.

There are no conflicting Page Rules or Redirect Rules. I’ve added another image to my post.

These are both totally wrong and I don’t understand where it’s being pulled from.

LiteSpeed is used by any of the DNS records you see above that are pointing to, which is not pointing to. shouldn’t be involved either, as that would be at the end of the chain. It doesn’t even mention in this curl at all.

How much does Cloudflare support cost?

I’ll buy support £50 for the sake of a 2 minute ticket if I have to lol.

Someone please advise and I’ll upgrade my plan.

I’ve added a DNS record to, but it hasn’t been updated yet. Does anyone know why?

Your subdomain is returning Cloudflare IP addresses, as it should since it’s a proxied subdomain. In case the redirect you mentioned earlier is still not working, did you check whether there are any Worker routes or Transform Rules that may apply to the subdomain?

Yes. I’ve checked Page Rules, Transform Rules, Redirect Rules and Workers. Nothing should be conflicting.

Do you know what’s going on @cbrandt?

I just unproxied it which caused a not responding error, as you’d expect from a dummy IP. So it was pointing to the dummy IP when I unproxied it.

But now I’ve proxied it again and it’s still doing the same thing as before.

Might have to use Google Firebase to redirect it.

Do you have a Cloudflare App running that may affect this? I ask because when throttling the request on Dev Tools, before it rewrites to that default CGI page, it loads a small HTML with a script that starts with: cdn-cgi/apps/head/. Unless of course your hosting is doing this.

I’ll check now - that’s a very good question.

This is why this needs to be a thing! Feature Request - Troubleshooting

Though, even if there are apps running on it, why would that cause it to still be pointing to my hosting server?

Nope - no apps running specifically on that subdomain that I can see. There may be some that are set to run on all subdomains though, but again:

@cloonan, sorry to have to tag you but I think this is a backend issue and nothing to do with me. If I need to upgrade my plan for someone to look into it please let me know. I’ll pay £50 just to get it fixed if I have to.

I honestly don’t know what the issue is. Maybe it’s stale records?

Ticket ID #2728302

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Hi there,

Firstly, accept our apologies for the delay in responding to your ticket.

My guess is the issue had to do with that conflicting DNS record you had there.

See my comments on the ticket and reply from there if the issue persists.

Take care.


I’ve replied. The issue is being completely misunderstood.

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