Page rule not working for site wide 301 redirect


I’m trying to set up a forwarding page rule for a domain. Here’s an example:

Forwards to:

I’ve done this in the past without issues. Now I’m using a new hosting company that’s not very helpful and I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. To add to the confusion I’m not well versed in A records, DNS etc.

I’m also getting an error in my hosting dashboard saying “A records are not pointing to Bluehost. To fix this, please log in to the DNS provider associated with this domain.”

This is also been updated in Cloudflare. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please speak in laymen’s terms if possible.

What’s the domain and post a screenshot of your page rule.

But Redirecting One Domain to Another really covers all details for such a setup.

Ok, let me check that out. The domain is https://thespirDOTit

I’ve played around with different page rule settings already. With/without * and with/without https://

That’s the second page rule, keep in mind page rules are evaluated in order, if the first rule already fires, the second one won’t.

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The other one is turned off and inactive.

Was your site previously using a Cloudflare integration of a partner? That might override settings. You’d need to make sure that integration is disabled in that case.

Also, which nameservers are mentioned in your Cloudflare account?

It’s set up through Bluehost they have an app in the dashboard you can enable. Also, the nameservers mentioned are:

In that case your host’s integration will override the settings. Disable everything Cloudflare related on your host’s side.

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