Page rule not working for forwarding URL

Hi - hope someone can point me in the right direction with this. I have a client website on They have three other domains:, and - all of which should point to the actual website on

I’ve set up a page rule for each of the three other domains (with wildcards, e.g. which forwards the URL as a 301 Permanent Redirect to All domains are configured in exactly the same way on Cloudflare.

The redirect works fine for and - both of which successfully redirect to .org. However, .com is showing as a domain holding page. See here:

If I access .com on my cellular network on my phone it correctly redirects to .org. But if I look at it on my home network is shows the domain holding page above. The client is also seeing the domain holding page rather than the redirect.

I’ve tried the following:

  1. Running the domain through CF Diagnostic
  2. Flushing the cache on CF
  3. Clearing the cache in the browser
  4. Using private browser page to access the URL
  5. Clearing DNS cache on my Mac.

None of these have made any difference.

Can anyone give me any further ideas about how to resolve this? Why does it work on a cellular network on my phone, but not on my home network on my computer?

Thanks for your time.

It redirects for me, plus a global test from Sitemeer:

Considering it works for most people, there’s an issue within your network. It could be that your Mac has that hostname in /etc/localhosts, or your ISP’s DNS isn’t not up to date.

For ISP DNS, you can try setting your Mac to use different name servers, such as and/or

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