Page Rule Not Working For Anything

I’ve searched all internet including many CloudFlare Forum posts. I just want to make my go to

Yes, there is already an orange cloud on my Dashboard. Yes i tried every combination of asterisks and slashes and www’s possible. It just gives me Server Not Found.
Also, I have a Cname pointing to my buycraft website (, but i removed it and the error still persists so i don’t think that’s it)
Currently my URL to redirect from is:*
(But i tried a lot of combinations I saw)

May ask have you tried using Cloudflare Page Rules to achieve the end result as you want?

Maybe you are missing an A type or a CNAME type DNS record for buy and/or www, which are not being created and not being pointed to the correct location/IP address?
If you want to redirect from buy or www, you need to have the DNS records for them added and they need to be existing.

May I ask have you tried rewriting your redirect (Page Rule?) like* → Forwarding URL 301 Redirect →

  • like, trying without www prefix if it is actually working?

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