Page Rule Not Working as Expected for me

The request to my microservice on a specified port number is not forwarded. I have used a page rule like Request URL:* Redirect URL: http://my-server-public-ip:8090/* but it doesn’t seem to work. Can someone please help?

Cloudflare’s proxy doesn’t support the use of port 8090, unless using Cloudflare Spectrum, and the proxy is needed if you want to redirect using Cloudflare.



Thanks for the response @sjr. So if i just use port 8080 instead of 8090 will my rule work as expected then?

No. 8080 is an HTTP only port, it does not support HTTPS.

If your Origin only supports HTTP, I would recommend that you look at a Cloudflared tunnel to achieve a secure connection to your server.

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The response which goes to the server is anyways over http, because there is no encryption between cloudflare and my receiving server. All i have to do is route the request receieved over https properly to my server on the specified port which is 8080. Please correct me if i am wrong

Port 8080 on Cloudflare does not support HTTPS, so it can’t receive HTTPS requests.

I would still recommend you look into Cloudflare Tunnels instead of trying to make this weird redirect solution work.

If you want to redirect from HTTPS → HTTP anyway, you must choose one of the HTTPS ports on Cloudflare. You can use whatever port you want on your server.

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Thanks for the response @Laudian

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