Page Rule not working any more

I followed these instructions regarding domain forwarding about a year ago:

Recently, I noticed that it’s no longer forwarding to the domain.

When I type it goes to the unsecure domain address which looks to be parked. When I add the ‘s’ to secure the domain then it takes to a 404 page.

Again, this page rule has been working for many months and I just realize it’s not working any more. How do I fix it?

What’s the actual URL that’s not working?

It does look like Cloudflare is proxying that domain.

Can you post a screenshot of the page rule?

And can you confirm that the Cloudflare name servers at the bottom of your DNS page are Dylan and Zelda?

Change that field so it matches **

like this…


If you want redirect anything from that domain , then yes, if only www then you need to be more specific. So first ask yourself what need to match and if is wider then use wildcards.

redirecting everything

So just match anything with wildcards

seems to be working now thank you

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