Page rule not redirecting

I’ve created a page rule to redirect all traffic to another domain but it’s not redirecting.

I’ve entered my domain and set the forward URL.

Unsure what the next steps for from here as the support articles don’t cover this.

Censoring the domain when asking for help is not necessarily the best idea :wink:

You probably won’t have DNS entries. What IS the domain? :wink:

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My first post in the community so wasn’t sure of the best practices :slight_smile:

The original domain is: tryout360talentave dot com

I want to redirect to: 360talentavenue dot com

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Yes, you are missing the necessary DNS entries.

Follow the archived content at Deprecated - Redirecting One Domain to Another

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I’ve read a number of the archived content and they keep pointing back to ‘Single Redirects’. Reading up on these I can’t see any mention of DNS entries.

Each archived article comes back to the link you posted above which then leads to ‘Single Redirects’.

Not sure if I’m following the right process to get to the information?

Not the link

I read a number of the archived contents and none of them directly answered. They all kept referring back to a specific article. I managed to find the solution through YouTube and some articles.

For future people reading this post the 2 records that needed to be added are as follows:

  • Type: A

  • Name: @

  • IPv4 Address:

  • Type: CNAME

  • Name: www

  • Target: @

That’s precisely what the content addresses

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