Page Rule not redirecting URL

Hi guys, I’m trying to redirect a URL I originally purchase with Crazy Domain and point it to a URL I’ve purchased with Digital Pacific.

I have set up the Page Rules but the redirect doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps I haven’t waited long enough for it to work or perhaps I’ve missed a step in the set up I’m not aware of.

Can anyone kindly help me?

My rule is:
Forwarding URL: (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

Hi @mummycouture,

Your domain doesn’t seem to be proxied (:orange:) through Cloudflare so your page rules will not take effect.

You need to change the DNS record for your root domain from :grey: to :orange:.

Thank you for your help. Is there a tutorial for inexperience people to follow on how to do this :slight_smile:

I think I just figured out what you’re saying, went to my DNS management and saw the grey cloud on my CNAME and A record, I’ve clicked them both to the orange cloud. Was that all I needed to do?!

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier!

Yep, should be. The redirect works for me now.

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