Page rule migration to redirect rule fails

I’ve just noticed a message saying page rules are deprecated.
I’m using a page rule that 301 redirects any requests to:
to:$2 (which keeps the url intact).

When I try to create a redirect rule instead, it refuses and tells me:$2’ is not a valid value for target_url because the expression is invalid: Filter parsing error (1:1):$2 ^AA^ unknown identifier (Code: 20083)

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Sorry, markdown changed what I pasted in there to italics and I can’t edit the post. Imagine there’s an asterisk before and after (so that www works too and all paths are redirected to the correct paths)

The ruleset engine doesn’t support (yet?) wildcards. To redirect from one domain to another, copy this example…


So presumably, I’d need to create two rules. One for the TLD and one for the www?
Trying now.

Ah no, “contains” would do it

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Ok awesome. That worked.

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