Page rule: match specific file extensions on all subfolders

Is it possible to write a page rule that matches specific (several) extensions in all subfolders

for example if I want to match *.gz, *.zip, *.bz2, *.jar from all subfolders of

Nope, page rules only support wildcards, no regex.

You would either have to create a page rule for each subfolder*

Or for each extension*.zip

Note that you can buy extra page rules if you need any to support this functionality.

Thank you. Does it mean that*.zip would match zip files in any subfolder or just in the root of the domain?

Perhaps an option is to match on cookie or header. Is that possible?

The wildcard will trigger with subfolders as well.

There is a business plan-only page rule option called “bypass cache on cookie”, but that only lets you control bypassing the CF cache.

What you could do is make sure to set the cache-control headers properly on your server if you’re just trying to manipulate the cache:

Well, I do set cache control header, but it feels like cf edge cache didn’t cache anyway. This is for static files like zip, gz, bz2 and so on.

Do those files show a cf-cache-status in the header? If so, then that’s a good start. You can ask the edge cache to hold onto that file, but it’ll get purged from that edge server if it’s rarely used.

I see that some files do. Is there a file size limit ?

The file size limit is 512MB. Amount of time the caching happens depends on how much requests the resource gets and the headers.

I found a solution, I think. I made a page rule for* with cache level: everything. It now works. I assume it follows cache max-age http header?

You can always check what you get from the server to see if the max-age remains intact or not. My personal experience (maybe I did something wrong), is that it did cache everything, while overriding the max-age to a much larger number than the one I’ve set at my origin. I don’t get the idea (and think it’s probably a violation of some RFCs), and this pretty much made this feature useless for me, as my website’s core business is updates every 30 seconds of live news data.

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