Page Rule Issue, URL Forwarding bug


yesterday I set up page rule which have to forward to my other website, all works, but after some time I again set up to redirect to main website (i mean i set rule to off), and today not all of the users is connecting correctly, some users still connecting to the other website, and some to origin (as it is set up), it looks like it’s been freeze for some people, like dns in domain configurection when you set new nameservers, someone know how to fix that? or that fix itself after some time?

Did you try to purge the cache on the Cloudflare dashboard?

Also, what is the final result that you want to achieve?

If you mean, purge the cache by the button “Purge Everything”, i do it now.

I would like everything to work properly, i.e. there is no redirection set, all users can enter the right page, not that some are still redirected elsewhere (the old redirection).

Like i said, looks like its freeze for some users :confused: weird

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