Page Rule isn't redirecting

We used to use ‘Page Rules’ to set up forwards - the new ‘redirect rules’ isn’t working.

it was:*
redirects 301 to$1

Here’s what we created under the 'based on the migration instructions:

Note that Page Rules are deprecated so you should migrate to a Redirect Rule instead…

What DNS records do you have for www? If they are a Cloudflare IP address (maybe your host uses Cloudflare) then redirects do not have an effect. Change the record to proxied AAAA 100:: instead.

Yes I’m aware - that’s what I said. I migrated it - and it’s NOT working.

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The DNS for www is @ with proxy on - as this was what was needed for the previous page rules.

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What is the record for @ pointing at?

to our IP address for our website.

if you can screenshot what it should be for the ‘www’ then I can update it

Would it be like this?

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Sorry, read your title “Page Rule isn’t redirecting”.


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This worked! Thank you so much!!!

This used to be so much simpler. Cloudflare went and complicated it all.

Solution thanks to @sjr

AAAA with www to 100::
Proxy ON

Then create a redirect rule:
When incoming requests match: Custom filter expression

Using the Expression Builder:
Hostname equals “
Using the Expression Editor:
( eq “”)

Type: Dynamic
Expression: concat(“”, http.request.uri.path)
Status code: 301

full instructions at Page Rules migration guide · Cloudflare Rules docs

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