Page rule is redirecting all pages, even though I only specified a parent page and all its child pages

I have created a page rule where it only redirects a specific page and its child pages. When I tried the homepage, it also redirected it. Not sure if I have setup my Page Rules correctly.

Here’s a screenshot of my Page Rule.

So all I wanted to be redirected is and all of its child pages.

When I tried going to, it also go redirected. even the

Is there something wrong with my Page Rule?

Chances are this isn’t a Cloudflare redirect, but your server sending you to a different page. Can you temporarily disable that page rule and see if it still redirects?


Thank you. That is correct. There was a redirect applied in cPanel that I did not see. It’s now removed and the Page Rule redirect via Cloudflare now works as intended. Thank you so much!


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