Page rule is not working. I want my naked domain like to get forward to

My naked domain URL is not getting forward to www subdomain URL. I have followed all the requirements mentioned in the Page Rules tutorial but its not working. Can there be anything related to SSL certificate installed?

So my requirement is to forward URL of naked domain i.e. to www subdomain URL i.e. via 301 Permanent Redirect.

I have added A DNS record with @ dummy IP Orange Proxy Enabled
There is also CNAME DNS record for www pointing to Odoo Hosting Database URL

So CNAME record is working fine.
But the page rule is not getting triggered for forwarding URL

Note: Separate SSL is installed automatically on the final URL of Odoo Database. So there any issue regarding separate SSL in Cloudflare? I have installed Full Strict SSL in Cloudflare as well.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

What is the domain name?

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This domain is not using Cloudflare. See here

Thank you SJR and NeilJay for helping on solving this issue. Now its working fine.

So initially when it was not working, I had tried forwarding URL on hostinger as well and Hostinger automatically changed the NS records to its nameservers instead of cloudflare. And then I forgot to switch the nameservers back to Cloudflare NS. Hence, page rule was not triggering.

Thank you Neil for finding out this NS issue.



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