Page Rule is not Disabling

I am trying to temporarily disable a Page Rule but it is not working
The page rule originally was:

**  (not the actual web address)
Temporary Redirect to: (also not the actual website)

I have completely removed it from my Page Rule list yet it is still redirecting when I attempt to access my login page.
Yes I have cleared my browser cache, tried an incognito window, a different computer entirely and even an entirely different internet connection, the problem persists.
Please advise.

There’s a chance it’s in the Cloudflare cache. Have you tried Purge Everything?

I tried purging the file itself but that didn’t work. I’ll try Everything now. I also wondered if it was maybe just the Edge server taking a while to update with the new info?

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Took a while but looks like whatever the issue was has resolved and it has disabled.
Thanks for the help

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