Page Rule: Forwarding URL stopped working

Forwarding URL Page Rules are not working in Cloudflare.

They worked before. I don’t know when they stopped working, but realized over the last 48 hours that the old domains were no longer redirecting. This is affecting all domains using this type of page rule.

Is this a temporary issue with Cloudflare? How to resolve this?

No there is no issue currently with forwarding url it’s working fine

Can I know your domain ?

It’s not working. It’s showing Cloudflare Error 1016, labeled as an “Origin DNS Error”

Happening across multiple domains.

Can you please share your domains ?

Due to privacy issues, I will not publicly share the domains. I will only share domains in a support ticket.

It’s happening for multiple domains. The problem never happened before, as they had been forwarding correctly since they were originally setup.

And now they stopped working. Showing Cloudflare Error 1016 Origin DNS Error

Are you using Cloudflare Premium plan ?

Ok then this could help you out

This is not relevant to my issue.

I followed the guidelines that were outlined here:

And as I said before, everything has been working fine for many months. Nothing was changed. Now the redirects are not working and the browser returns a Cloudflare error.

To know the issue we need your domain

You can’t open. Support Ticket if you don’t not have Cloudflare premium


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with Page Rules for your domain.

May I ask are those domains still active?

Are the DNS records (hostnames) proxied and set to :orange: ?

Could it be due to the Page Rule order if you have multiple Page Rules?

Furthermore, is the Page Rule enabled?


Cannot say as far as all the Page Rules across all of my domains are working fine.

Have you tried looking for a possible solution within the below article?:

Are you using any SaaS like Kinsta, Shopify, Clickfunnels, WPEngine, etc.?

Have you got any of the DNS records pointed to instead of the real IP address maybe (not related, but …)?

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