Page rule forwarding url redirect not working

I’ve just setup a new domain inside cloudflare which is

We’re wanting to 301 redirect our old domains and to the new domain.

I’ve created forwarding url page rules under both the legacy domains. Forwarding url rules I’ve created for work fine, but for some reason rules are not working. Not sure if it’s propagation issue as that’s all cleared now I believe? We get the following error when trying to resolve

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in

You need :orange: Proxied DNS records in order for rule to work.

You can add AAAA (IPv6) placeholders for @ and www with values of 100:: and then your redirects will work.

Many thanks for the prompt reply and help! I’ll give it a shot.

Should these proxied placeholder records only be added to the domain ( which isn’t working?

Or should they be added to (working) domain as well?

I’d leave alone since it’s already working.

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Thanks mate.

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