Page rule forwarding of non-existent subdomain

Hi there,

Is it possible to create a page rule to forward non-existent subdomain to another page?
Particularly I want to do this:
Forward* to$1
Note that I haven’t set up api subdomain on my back server, but is working

Thanks in advance!

Yep, it’s pretty much this tutorial. A dummy DNS record for that subdomain and a Page Rule.

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Thanks for the help. You know I’ve done this for existing sites, for example redirected to
But somehow unable to do when subdomain I want to forward is not set up. I add a DNS record for it, of course, but no success

If you need help with this, please post a screenshot of the actual page rule.

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Thanks, it worked, though not the way I need. In fact I was doing the same thing, just had to wait before DNS propogates.
The problem is it doesn’t forward http headers. I guess I have to setup subdomain in nginx

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