Page Rule for subdomain > subdomain not working

Our domain is For visiting our website we don’t want to use the naked domain, we want people to arrive at the www. subdomain. So we have this page rule:

And in our DNS we have a CNAME record for the naked domain, and the www subdomain…

[¿perhaps this is where I’ve gone wrong?]

Of late, we’re testing some new, quicker, pages, which we put at

What I want to achieve is for the following two URLs:
to both redirect to the new test version…

the naked domain version (A1) will redirect (to B) just fine, but the subdomain (A2) will not redirect. What am I missing? This is what the two Page Rules look like (I’ve tried it with the rule for A1 or A2 as top, makes no difference)…

I’m fairly sure I’ve probably missed something basic, but I can’t figure out what, and Cloudflare help keep pushing me back to page rules help docs, which isn’t actually solving my problem, so…helps please!

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