Page rule for SSL setting causes outage

My web site is old and still uses TLS 1.0. This created a problem with modern browsers until I put it behind Cloudflare. I wanted to make sure Cloudflare wouldn’t have a problem in the future with an origin server using TLS 1.0 and created a page rule for the server with SSL set to “flexible”. This causes an outage with the message “too many redirects occurred trying to open…”

What am I missing, and how do I do this the right way?

Flexible is bad, and shouldn’t affect TLS 1.0. Try Full (not strict) as a test, as Full is more lenient with the certificate. Full (not strict) is “less bad” than Flexible.

Are you concerned that Cloudflare will no longer use TLS 1.0 to connect to your server?

Yes, that’s my concern. The site should move over to more modern servers in a couple of months, but I didn’t want to take a chance on the site going down.

If it’s working for now, leave it alone. I don’t foresee Cloudflare making any changes in the next few months. They still support TLS 1.0 here. It’s their default minimum.

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