Page Rule for Specific Parent URL

Hi all,

I set a Page Rule for not caching one of my pages but I think that it is not caching all of the child pages and this is something I don’t want.

Here the case is:
Page Rule for not caching a single page:
What I see in the Analyitics is that there are too many unchached requests and I think that all of the child pages are not cached as well.

As I looked through the headers of the subpages it says that there is no caching for them.

Can you suggest any expression for Page Rule that will do the magic for me?

Now I have this configuration:

  1. Cache Level: Bypass
  2.* Cache Level: Cache Everything

I want only not caching this particular url and caching all of its child pages.

Your general examples as posted look like they should work, but without seeing the actual page rule(s) and the URLs your testing, there’s not much help we can offer.

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