Page Rule for Redirect Not Working

I’m trying to redirect all requests, both HTTP and HTTPS, routing to a CF-managed domain (including subdomains) to another domain on HTTPS, with URLPathing not being important. I’ve walked through the Page Rule docs and guides, and think I have everything set up properly, but still not working.

Most of the other “issues” I see are resolved by enabling proxying, but you can see by the images I have it enabled. Any ideas on what I’m missing?

My DNS records (since I can only attach one image):

A * Proxied Auto
A Proxied Auto
A www Proxied Auto

My page rules:

This looks right to me. In what way does it not work?

What headers are returned if you hit the domain? For example

curl --include

Looks like it was a propagation issue weirdly. I tried it again an hour or so later and it worked. Thanks for the reply!