Page rule for part of the website


I’ve a Laravel site with a front- ( and backend ( Now I’ve also a static domain ( by Digital Ocean where images are being uploaded from the Laravel backend. This static domain is also in the DNS in Cloudflare, but I bypassed the cache with page rules, because the image was not shown up for 1 or 2 minutes (because of the cache).
The image is never accessed in those 1 or 2 minutes from the front end, but the backend needs the image directly. Is there a way where I can bypass the static url for only the backend of the laravel site.


Can you add an entry to that server’s /etc/hosts file so the backend accesses the server directly?

Something like:

Do you mean the static server or the backend server? Because the backend server is in a kubernetes environment and is just a pod.

The backend server. If you can’t have it bypass Cloudflare, can you create another subdomain as a server alias for the static subdomain? Like, and either use Page Rules to bypass caching, or set it to :grey: so it completely bypasses Cloudflare.

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