Page Rule for index in a directory

Hey folks,

Just want to confirm an assumption I have about page rules. Let’s say I have the following directory

And I want to be able to 301 all traffic to /foo and specifically /foo/index.html to another url. I’m assuming my forwarding rule to handle this will be simple: — is that correct?

Additionally, let’s say I want to make sure that /foo/bar.html does NOT redirect. Will the above forwarding rule leave bar.html alone?


No, you need a wildcard, or specifically match. Since you specified index.html, the Page Rule should match:

Thank you. Follow up question. So if I have these two Page Rules:

And 301 traffic to

Will users be able to hit or will they be 301ed?

If each one does the 301, they need to be somewhat exact matches. I’m not sure if the first one will end up with a trailing slash or not, so I don’t know what it will do.

But if the question is if bar.html will redirect, then No, it will not match either of those Page Rules.