Page Rule feature will be deprecated

I found a new message that Page Rule feature will be deprecated so what will we do if we are using this feature in the future ?

I am already using “Forwarding URL” features under page rule so what is the alternate solution in future or can I continue with this feature?

What I did here , I have created a CNAME as sub domain ( and pointed my site url and I use the url forwarding feature that when user enters root domain in a browser it re-direct to my sudomain > static site url
domain > redirect to

Use Redirect Rules instead.

See here for examples…

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Thank you, I tried alternate solution its working fine but I just skipped first step that adding new record " Add a new record. The type should be AAAA (IPv6 type), the name should be @ (shorthand for your domain name), the IPv6 Address/value should be 100:: (IPv6 Discard, if nothing handles the traffic in Cloudflare, it won’t go anywhere), and Proxy Status should be on"

Working fine without this step , is this step necessary ?

That is to ensure the domain you are redirecting from has a DNS record - many people assume a redirect will just work on its own with a DNS record to direct traffic to Cloudflare.

If you already have a proxied DNS record for the domain you are redirecting from and it works, that’s ok as the record is ignored (it just needs to be there). It is useful to use the dummy 100:: if redirecting for whole (sub)domain record as it means that if your redirect is deleted or disabled, traffic doesn’t go anywhere, and helps to remind you that DNS record is for redirection only.

Only do that if the whole (sub)domain is redirect by the page rule. If the page rule only covers some paths or files, then you need the actual origin IP address to server the other pages.

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