Page rule does not work for https forward


I had a Page rule setup 2-3 weeks ago, which works perfect.
Forward www -> https works

Now I created a new page rule to forward all from http to https, since I only want users to go to https.
Therefore I created following Page rule:

From Page:*
Forwarding with 301$1

Even after deleting cache several times this does not work. If someone is opening the url

I want someone who is opening the page directly with http and for example at the end /home to the https URL with at the and /home

Oddly enough, I get a 302, and it looks like the server is doing it because it forwards to /home (or 404 if I type in a bad page URL).

Your page rule is the same as going to the SSL/TLS tab’s Edge Certificates section and turning on “Always Use HTTPS” feature.

any other suggestion. I have activated right now the “Always use HTTPS” feature. Anyhow if I open an Url with http and then /home as an example I still get not secure.

That’s weird that the Always Use isn’t working, nor does the Page Rule. That Page Rule should be first in your list. Either should have done it. Typing HTTPS works just fine, so it’s available.

So: Make sure that Page Rule is first in the list. If that doesn’t fix it, contact Support:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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