Page rule depth

We recognized that a page rule with 3 slugs (or asterix) works but with 4 slugs not (even without asterix). Is this true? Is there a documentation?

You can use up to five wildcards and these get properly mapped to their respective variables.

$ curl -I http://DOMAIN/hello/world/foo/bar/test
HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily

Setting mirage to off works with:* but not with* . Even disabling with the full url copied from the browser this doesn’t work for Why?

Post a screenshot of your page rule and a sample URL.

Also, Mirage needs to be applied on the document URLs, not image URLs.


Using the rule* disables mirage (for the whole page) but we understand the documentation that it is possible to define a rule for a resource like Or can we only disable mirage for the whole page? I think we need to avoid the attribute data-cfsrc for the images. With this tag our applicaton doesn’t work. I think the problem is in our case, that the mirage script is loaded in the asset section which preloads the images.

As I wrote, you need to apply it to the document, not the images.

Thanks, I got it. So I think: That should be mentioned when a rule is used to disable mirage (it may the case for other actions on rules). The documenation can be much better. For now even the Learn more link at the mirage section ( is broken.

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