Page rule changes not displaying

We have set up Page Rules for our domain to redirect traffic from the www version of our URL to our canonical, without the www. These are working and are in effect, but we are having issues with our PKI folder not registering a valid URL because of these redirects. After some debugging we realized it looks like it is because our redirect rules cause the program to not accept the canonical URL with a slash at the end.

This means that our URL should return[path] but what is actually happening is it returns[path] which breaks the link.

We have tried adding in a slash to the end of the canonical URL Page Rule to fix this, but when we made the update there has been no change on our website. I’ve tested on multiple machines and browsers and we are unable to access the URL with the slash at the end, it always redirects us back to without it. I know it doesn’t really matter for a user accessing the site from a browser, but for the PKI view program for our SSL certificate it is throwing an error on that end so we need to be able to resolve that.

I checked some community topics and a lot of recommendations were around the DNS records, we have an A record for www and an A record for, both proxied. I’m not sure what next steps we can take to get this page rule change to take effect.

Are you trying to forward the path as well? If so, the destination URL should be$2. Currently whatever the path, you’re redirecting to the homepage.