Page rule cache disable for certain URLs

I have a question. Let’s say I want to display a page where the URL looks something like this:

On this page I display some images from the URL: ..../images/some_folder/myimage.png

There are other images on the site, loaded from different locations, however, I would like to disable the caching for any images loaded from the /images folder. I know I have “Page Rules” which looks like the answer for my problem, but I have a doubt that it recognizes that I’ve loaded the image only as part of the main page. Would Cloudflare disable caching if I set a rule for the following?

  • URL: */images/*
  • Cache level: Bypass

The problem is, there is no page provided for the user where he could actually “Go to” the URL */images/whatever…" so in the users browser, the URL will never be anything like images whatever.

Did I make myself clear? Not sure, but I’m unable to express myself any better, sorry. :grin:

I think I see what you’re saying. Even though the browser’s URL doesn’t show /images/, you want to make sure anything in /images/ isn’t cached.

Page Rules apply to all resources that match that path, no matter how they’re called.

The Page Rule that you show should work. Is it not? Is there an Image URL we can test for you?