Page rule before Always Use HTTPS

Is there a way to use “Page Rules” redirect before CF uses “Always Use HTTPS”?

I want to redirect to using just one redirect. When I set “Always Use HTTPS” and “Page Rule”:* -->$1 there are two redirects: first to and second

  1. I bet you’re asking because some site tester complained about a landing page redirect. I don’t think it’s worth the effort because site crawlers know the proper URL for your site, and regular users don’t care about the extra redirect.
  2. If you want to pursue this, then disable “Always Use HTTPS” and do it with two page rules:
    i) Match* and redirect to$1
    ii) Match* and redirect to$1

Now you’ll only get one redirect.

Yes, you’re right about 1. Some kind of :slight_smile:

As for 2 - I was going to do this similar way, but here two thougts:
a) IMO* match* - I don’t think second rule is necessary.
b) I was wondering, if “Always Use HTTPS” works not only on my domain resources but also for other, externals (like JS, IMGs and so on). If so, this rule won’t be sufficient.” will not match subdomains. But it will send http and https without www over to www with https.

Always Use HTTPS doesn’t affect external resources. Automatic HTTPS Rewrites tries to fix internal code that links to http resources.

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