Page Rule and Performance to improve

Hi support the above links is my website. I need a urgent help understanding the page rule. I have been not using cloudflare so i have no idea how it works.

This is my site :

The issue i am facing is my website is a high traffic website, we add content every 2 times a week. Due to high traffic we need to set up a page rule i want to make sure that our website loads faster. I am not aware what page rule should i set for better performance.

I have been aware than cloudflare doesn’t just speed up the website but atleast it will help us to improve the browser cache and also the Edge cache control and many other stuff.

I am on a free version, i am ready to go for a pro version if it can help me to improve. I will appreciate any kind of help if it is provided. I also want to update you i am a new user to this cloudflare i don’t have much idea on it.

I have a request from the community to assist me.


  1. you are using CloudFlare NS
  2. you are just using CloudFlare as DNS only, and not proxying it through CloudFlare

Please turn on the :orange: Clouds on your DNS entries.

If you go pro this will help you deliver your content more fast and more intelligent to your customers. Also it will improve your pictures on the fly

Hi m4rt1n, Thanks for a quick reply.

What does this means? we not using cloudflare tools? How does it makes difference?

Can you also assist me what standard page rule should be set? i have free 3 page rule which i want to try. I am using jch plugin for my joomla website.

No your PageRules will not work as long as you are routing your traffic through CloudFlare (:orange:)

I have manage to fix the Proxy for cloudflare, can you please assist how can fix the googe tag manager and third party fixture?

To load my website faster. Please confirm what page rule i can set to speed up the website

Sorry you may are in the wrong forum for this in first place and if you can not implement GTM on your own you probably should hire some devs to do it for you.

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