Page Rule 'Always Use HTTPS' setting greyed out

Always Use HTTPS gets greyed out when waf or security_level settings are used.
What’s the reason for this?

You cannot add any additional settings with “Always Use HTTPS” selected.

Thanks @sandro - why is that? Is there documentation you can link me to?

Is the correct approach to use a different Page rule for adding additional settings?
One with a lower priority than Always Use HTTPS page rule?

Will be a technical limitation, but you generally can only enable it via page rules. So if you have it globally enabled, there is little point in using it at all.

What do you want to achieve?

Best practice - when you create a page rule with Always use HTTPS enabled, explicitly specify the protocol in front of the URL e.g. http://. When you want to have other settings for the same URL, then create another page rule with protocol https://.

The priority doesn’t matter too much, as both page rules are separated nicely with the protocol explicitly mentioned.

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