Page rule always return Dynamic

My page rules:

On my site I have a page with url:

But this url always have a status:
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

How can I solve this problem?

That’s Content-type HTML. Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default.

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Can I set it to cache HTML? or its just dont do it at all?
And what is meant by minifying HTML?

The reason Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML is because it so often changes, and can break security and consistency on Dynamic websites.

If you want to cache HTML, beware that unless it’s a static file website (not PHP or database driven), it’s risky.

If you’re ready, you can cache it with a Page Rule set to Cache Level (Everything) and Edge Cache TTL (2 or more hours).

Minifying HTML/CSS/JS means to get rid of extra blank space and unparsed comment text. In essence, compacting the file.


Thanks for your reply!
But what if I want to ignore query parameters in URL? For example I have only UTMs from google ads, and they just go to google analytics, no need for caching all variations for each UTM parameter. If I understand correctly, then Cache Level Everything will spam same caches for all of url variations, will it? So when user go to my site with another utm (always) he will be sent to origin because cache for this url variation does not exist yet.

That’s come up before. That only works on an Enterprise plan, but someone posted a workaround:

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By the way I don’t worry about breaking dynamic behavior etc, because those pages that i need to cache, are generated for static content, and have specific url for this purpose.

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Thanks anyway
I’ll think about it, I’ll probably come to something.

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