Page Rule 301 Redirect not gerting removed

We have a new site which domain we hiat in Cloudflare. There was a mistake made in a page rule 301 redirect and evough we have removed the page rule in Cloudflare, the site is not getting indexed and the 301 tag remains. We even did a url reminder request on Google search console, but that does not seem to help either.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Help is more than appreciated!

Here us the url:

That site doesn’t redirect to anything for me, perhaps browser cache, or it just took a second for the redirect to be removed?

Was your page rule on a specific path or something?

Th thing is, the redirect is not there and the site works. But it just can’t be found by Google as there seem to be the 301 Redirect tag for the url.

You can see it in Screaming Frog Crawler for the url I linked earlier.

It seems the issue has been resolved now.