Page reliance on github is unreliable

hi I am building a conservative website and I use cloudflare because cloud flare is pro free speech and yet the key function of pages is depending on github which is owned by Microsoft why should we rely on Microsoft owned bueniss for such a key feature. pages should support other options like gitlab or programonchains or some thing cloudflare develop itself why should any one trust any company Microsoft own.

I wouldn’t call it “unreliable”, but I would call it a deterrent to non-Github users such as myself. I think Cloudflare chose to start with it because it’s a common developer platform with the technology to easily push changes to Pages.

I fully expect Cloudflare to expand the avenues to Pages publication to make it easier for more people to use. I’m certainly looking forward to that. Wrangler was almost that solution, but requires a more technical setup than many people can manage.


@ruiwenwangpro, Support will probably not be able to help a lot, you could talk with the team on


The Pages team already has it on their list to add support for more providers besides just Github.


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