Page refreshing every 2 minutes in Cloudflare Proxy mode

Hi, I’m trying out cloudflare’s proxy service to try to avoid some apparent DDOS attacks on my new server and now I’m stuck with an issue where the page reloads every 2 minutes. I tried disabling browser cache TTL but no dice. Any hints?

Hi there,

When you say the ‘page’ reloads every 2 minutes.
Is it only a single page, or any page on the site?

Would you be able to provide the site in this thread for me to see if I experience it as well?
It may be an isolated issue from your end.

Thank you.

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Thanks oshariff,

From appearances, it looks like it was actually one of the https upgrade/redirect options in the edge certificates tab. Haven’t quite narrowed which setting, but now I have proxy on and no refreshing every 2 minutes. The site is, which is just an early developer build for a single page application.

I’m just trying proxy out as after 12 hours or so my server load jumps from 0% load to maximum load and I can’t figure out if it’s some magical DDOS from somewhere (I’m not advertising the site) or if it’s something getting called in my program randomly and sending it into a tailspin.

wait nope it’s back now, maybe the service worker has something to do with it? IDK