Page refreshes after trying to log in

Hi there,

Ever since installing Cloudflare, we’ve experience the issue explained below.

On our login/register page (, users need to click “login” or “register” twice. The first time they click either button, it refreshes the login page and they need to re-enter information. The second time, it usually works and they are logged into their account. However, this causes a confusing experience for the user and they usually give up after the first attempt.

We’ve remedied this issue in the past by clearing our cache via “Purge Everything” here on Cloudflare, but it’s a very temporary solution lasting less than a day.

What can we do to permanently resolve the issue?

Thank you.

With custom registration and login pages, it’s quite likely that APO doesn’t know to not cache those critical pages.

I suggest you add that URL:* to a Page Rule with a Cache Level of Bypass. With the * at the end so any query strings won’t be cached.

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