Page redirects not working

I’ve tried following guides nothing seems to work.

^ My dns

cant post second image
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 302 - Temporary Redirect, Url: link)

Please someone help me

this is my page rules


Thank you for asking.

From the screenshot above and as I have checked using DIG, and as far as you want to use as stated in a Page Rule, it seems to me like there is no A vote DNS record configured and added for your domain name :thinking:

  • there is only A play, CNAME and CNAME www

Kindly double-check and re-add a new DNS record:

  • A vote pointed to and :orange: to make it work

Upon you add it, please wait for a few minutes to apply the changes.
Also, you can try to open in a different Web browser.

Helpful article with the step-by-step instructions how to add a new DNS record:

Helpful articles about using Page Rules for forwarding/redirect:

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