Page redirected to many times

i have a subdomain that does not use wordpress. it is my domain mail that uses zoho. when i try to access it, it says redirected you to many times.

Any ideas?

It’s certainly redirecting to itself at its HTTPS URL. If it’s not due to a Page Rule you have set up here, then it’s a problem at the server. You’re using Full or Full (Strict) SSL, right?

i am using flexible ssl @sdayman

  • It’s better to keep this record gray (dns only mode) as it points to 3rd party server not yours. So it’s not going to expose A record your domain IP.

so what does that mean?

  1. Login to Cloudflare
  2. Go to DNS page
  3. Turn off proxy for “mail” record. Keep :grey: Cloud.

ok did it

still shows redirected you to many times

Now, wait 5 mins for DNS propagation and restart your browser to check back or run a quick HTTP request test at GTmetrix to see if is loading there or not.

If still happening, contact zoho team. They are helpful.

Ok Thanks

You’re welcome!

now it shows 400 bad request

and the certificate says lets encrypt not cloudflare

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