Page redirect rules not working

Trying to use redirect rules (SSL and no SSL) to redirect restartyouryear dot com to chrisbolinger dot com /restartyouryear.

( eq “restartyouryear dot .com” and ssl)
( eq “restartyouryear dot com” and not ssl)

URL redirect
chrisbolinger dot com/restartyouryear

Have had success previously with very similar rules.

DNS records are correct (verified with Whois lookup).

Browser is not redirected. Error message: We can’t connect to the server at restartyouryear dot com

On the DNS app, make sure your records are proxied :orange:, not :grey:

Thanks! In Cloudflare, there are no DNS records. Do I have to add these myself? I didn’t add any for another domain for which I am using Cloudflare redirect rules, but Cloudflare shows three A records, all of which are proxied.

Yes, you need a DNS record or the domain won’t resolve to Cloudflare’s servers so the redirect can be returned. For your other domain you probably just accepted the records Cloudflare suggested when you added your domain to Cloudflare.

If this is just for redirection, create a proxied A record for @ pointing to or AAAA pointing to 100::.

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Great! I’ll try that. Thanks!

Bingo! Success.

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