Page redirect puzzle... what's going wrong?

I’m looking to set up 301s for my website.

Here’s my list (and rule is set up):

Here’s the DNS:

https:[//]foundercoach[.]com/membership redirects
https:[//]www.foundercoach[.]com/membership does not redirect

HOWEVER! Before you notice it’s a Kajabi website, I have another Kajabi website with the same settings that works. Here’s the DNS:

And https:[//]www.dave-bailey[.]com/podcast redirects perfectly.

Any ideas what this could be?

www goes to non-www then the /path follows, or vice-versa, correct? :thinking:

Have you tried using Redirect Rules or Page Rules instead Bulk Redirect, or there is a reason for them if you’re having multiple URLs to take care of? :thinking:

I’ve tried both redirects and page rules and I get the same behaviour.