Page not working. Created rule to forward. Nameserver on shinjiru is ok. DNS on shinjiru is Active

Page not working. Created rule to forward url. Nameserver on shinjiru is ok. DNS on shinjiru is Active. I think it might be related to records because I got the error message.

I’m guessing #2 or #4 in this #CommunityTip, Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error. To find tips, just :search: #communtytip DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Thanks for replying. I think it is number 4. I tried creating a record & it is still the same. Maybe I created the record wrong.

It looks like you’re heading in the right direction, but you need to use the IP of your origin server, 127. is for localhost.

By origin server do you mean shinjiru? How do I find it?

If shinjiru is your hosting provider, yes. Your A record should point to the IP of the server where your site is hosted…but perhaps lets step back for a moment to ensure I’m clear on what you’re trying to accomplish. Can you describe what it is you’re setting up? When you say “created a rule”, is that a reference to a page rule or some other setting?

I bought a host name from shinjiru. I am trying to forward the traffic.

Got it, thank you. A few things stand out, the rule redirects from only, not and you’re redirecting to port 88 on redacted, not redacted. That rule does not do what you want.

I removed the & changed the forwarding URL & it is working now. Thanks!

How do I find the ip address (of the host server when I create an A record?

Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it.

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Your hosting provider will have the IP address. Your rules are identical so I’d expect it to work, if not perhaps the port…but just checked and the redirect worked for me to a page indicating: Your STB is blocked. Call the provider.

What do you mean by hosting provider?

The A record should be the IP of your server,, I guess? It’s the host of that server that will know the IP address.

So I guess I have to get it from shinjiru because I bought the host name from them? Do you how I can get it from there? What would it be under in account settings?

If shinjiru has the server that is hosting your site, they’ll have the IP address and can make certain the port is open. I’m not familiar with their portal, but perhaps not under account setting but domain setting or configuration or hosting or something similar.

Ok. Thanks for all your help! I appreciate it.

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Same Issue on my site after reading this help from support i resolved issue,

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